Oct 19, 2011

SmartMart Secret

Memphis folk, have you seen or been to the SmartMart on Park Ave? We saw this post on The Memphis Blog a little while ago that mentions the vamped up look the once-bare building now displays. Yes, this make-over was done in August, but we’ve been meaning to tell you a little story behind that.

We’re responsible for that mirage. The sole purpose was to make this humble, white building look like the ‘futuristic convenience store’ that it is. A little combination of 3D rendering mixed with 2D compositing formed this fake, yet real photo that stands as a giant illusion to draw people in.

What’s even cooler is that The History Channel(!!) fell into SmartMart’s lap with perfect timing. Shortly after the huge mirage was put up, a film crew shot a segment for an episode related to the progression of convenience stores (whereas we once had a milkman walking on foot to give people their milk, we can now receive it via a drive-up touch screen). 

Here's proof of SmartMart's five minutes of fame:

click to enlarge