Oct 4, 2011

From Framing to the Façade

Matrix Achievement Group is in the business of sales training and consulting – which has tons of competition, making it difficult to find a unique marketing angle. But, after completing the Blueprint (the first step in our project approach), we realized they have advantages & qualities that similar businesses are lacking. Without this Blueprint/Foundation, it would be almost impossible to catch these.

Moving along with our project approach, we’re now in the “Framing” stage for Matrix. We have the facts that we need, so now it’s time to make a plan. First, we suggested some name adjustments for both the consulting and software sides of the company because…clarity is bliss. And yes, we did just invent that phrase.

With this, it was time to square away at identity pieces – logo design, hashing out taglines, brand standards…the whole shebang. We think we have a good thing going, so the next step is moving into the “Façade,” which will be all of the pieces displaying Matrix’s new identity.

Stay tuned for the next episode…err, blog post…of the Matrix project series. For now, take a look at the crisp new logos that are now officially Matrix branded.