Jun 7, 2011

We're on the Ball

Not just with our projects, but literally, on the ball! With all this talk lately of practicing mental and physical well-being at work, we’ll share what some of our employees are doing for theirs.

All of us agree that it’s important to take breaks and refresh your mind, especially when, for many of us, your job requires you to sit at a desk for the majority of the day. Walks are helpful, but it’s getting a bit toasty (more like suffocating-ly hot) out there to keep them up. So, a few of Paradigm’s employees have incorporated a balance ball in replacement of the typical desk chair.

The reasons? Here are some straight from our own ball experts:

  • Improved posture: It takes more effort to sit up straight. There’s no back to it, obviously, so you don't have that to slouch against.
  • Strengthens core & reduces back pain.
  • It’s better for metabolism vs. sitting in a chair. You actually move a lot more with the ball than one would think.

Googling the physical damages of sitting all day is quite, well, scary. Maybe that’s why there's a growing movement of designers and office workers investing in stand-up desks. Many say standing up at work helps them increase productivity and focus. Not exactly sure why this is, but more power to them!

Meet....the infamous office ball: