Jun 22, 2011

Marketing via Wayfinding

This week, we’re going to share a case study with you. It’s interesting because this one took our creativity to different level.

Victory University, formerly known as Crichton College, underwent rebranding changes and needed to effectively explain its purpose, mission and identity through all marketing.

The Paradigm team has created pieces for Victory to be used in multiple media channels: web, print, radio and television. But, physical, on-campus image revisions were needed to accompany the college’s marketing efforts.

Our solution was to formulate a plan that included signage and wayfinding suggestions in order to clean-up confusing entrances and create beneficial study areas. With this, banners and other types of guides were designed and decided where to be placed strategically around the campus. Additionally, we presented other landscaping advice to Victory in order to make the it a safe, orderly and peaceful community.

Without actually seeing these recommendations, it’s hard to make a final decision. So, we designed multiple graphics and Photoshopped them into the suggested areas on campus. Here are some examples:

Nice, clean banners and signs make the campus seem more welcoming, while also showing a sense of professionalism and ownership. This is an example of simple efforts that make a huge difference. With this form of marketing, Victory will also become more noticeable to people driving on Highland, a busy road that's adjacent to the campus.