Jun 29, 2011

Introducing...The Blueprint

Well, sort of. The blueprint is something we've been doing and will continue to always do. We know, we talk about our approach quite often and how it's unique. But sometimes we get asked why we perform such a deep evaluation of our clients before getting started on the creative materials. Put simply, why do we include an analysis in our projects?

Well, we don't necessarily like that word (we never, repeat never, want to be seen as a bunch of consultants).  But, specific evaluation is pertinent to any marketing project, even if your focus is solely on having creative materials (brochures, website, etc.). We're calling this reasoning, if you will, the "blueprint" in our project approach. It's the first, most important step.

Felixco Inc.
What the heck is it?

It's pretty easy to come up with a crafty piece of collateral...but what good does it really do for your business if it doesn't align with the story you're telling? This is why we have the blueprint in place, so we can establish clients' messaging and truly know who to target and what sets them apart from the competition. Then the project isn't just a pretty fa├žade or front. Clients actually receive something out of this (no, not a blue technical drawing) and this 'plan of action' will likely be the most valuable entity given to them.

Anyway, point of the story:
Piling up marketing materials can end up being a disservice if a company doesn't have a plan of action that properly aligns their messaging with the collateral and image they are putting out to the world.

In the end, all that anyone wants to do is be successful, right? Get thorough research, trust qualified advice, go the extra mile.

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