May 24, 2011

Stepping Out of the Lifeless Advertising Box

About a month ago, we published a post about producing creative pieces for restaurants and showed an example of the pre and post Holiday Deli & Ham website. It’s still a work-in-progress and almost finished. As we were looking for some photos we’ve previously shot for Holiday, we came across some former shots we used to create advertising material and wanted to share them. Shooting and editing these photos was a really fun process.

Take a look at how we transformed the simple shot below into a skydiving ad. This was basically an act of compositing and testing out some creative edits (the hat and parachute, smoke, etc.) The tagline is quirky to match the photo, yet it goes into a bit more detail to properly market the deli’s catering.

click to enlarge

Here's another ad:

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The woman in the shot looks far from the counter, yet she’s not. We just used a prop for her to stand on so we could create this illusion. We also had to place the characters and product in a pinpointed position to align with the angle we were shooting. 

It helps that the owner, Trey, who you see in the photos, had an open mind to “stepping outside of the box.” The restaurant industry has a great amount of leeway for establishing a certain personality. These ads show a fun side of the business, but also do the job of maintaining the products as a main focal point and portraying the element of friendliness.